Our Creators

Peace Island LLC is a small collective of game developers, artists, musicians, and writers headquartered in Portland, Maine.




Eric Blumrich is an artist and game designer.

Laura Mackey is an artist and game developer.

Richard deCosta AI Lead, Composer


Mike Chrzanowski is a game industry veteran with 20 years of development experience. He’s worked on many well known franchises, such as Thief, SyphonFilter, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Guitar Hero.

Arjuna Gonzales is the biggest toilet enthusiast on the internet.  When he’s not programming for Peace Island, he’s probably looking after his permaculture homestead, making 3D environment art, co-running the Maine Video Game Devs Meetup, or making Doom levels.

Megan Smith is our current Cat Animator.   An avid animal lover, she brings the cat to life by referencing movements from her own cat, Zelda.


Kayla Davis is an artist, animator, and avid WOW player.

Leela is a cat and a lawyer. Mad Mike Bonafede was a Marvel and Guitar Hero game tester who studied game design at Full Sail, then became a bounty hunter because it sounds cooler than freelancer. You are now aware of your own breathing.

J. Rose uses her fancy art degree to draw cats on the internet. She is part of the Peace Island art team.  (feel free to omit any or all–>) She also authors and illustrates the humor blog “I’d Like Cheese on My Entire Family” aka da Cheeseblarg and writes (yet unpublished) novels when she isn’t doing art. She can also be found on Patreon!

Larry Browne is a Level designer. He enjoys RPGs, First Person Shooters and making games.

Scotty is an animator and illustrator living in Dover, NH. He enjoys hockey, cooking and ferrets, but not cooking ferrets.

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